Talking IT at the Barbeque

Claus Kraemer, Christian Loch, Florian Jensen, Sabine Spaeth, Albert Kamm, Rafael Erkert and Harald Gmelin attended the Business-Barbeque of Photo: Karen Huettig

Aichwald’s Deputy Mayor, Albert Kamm, was pleased: “There is always something new at!“, said the CEO of Team Kamm Data, a software specialist for car repair companies. Albert is also a very successful and well-known politician. “It’s nice to talk about whatever you like with business partners and colleagues – and there is nobody checking their watches”, he said.

Florian Jensen and Claus Kraemer, founders of could welcome a choice group of guests at their HQ in Aichwald/Germany. IT-Manager Christian Loch and his colleague Cedric Weber work for the Eberspaecher group, a major player in the automotive world with offices and factories around the globe.

Harald Gmelin and Rafael Erkert attended on behalf of Activation GmbH, a fast growing IT service provider working for clients all over Southern Germany. Sabine Spaeth, Key Account Manager with Esslingen’s renowned Insurance House Karl Beck noted: “Information Technology is becoming more and more important. And of course it’s highly interesting and beneficial to talk to these guys who really know their business.”

Florian Jensen had flown in from London on Saturday morning, and he was the one to bring an extra smile to the faces of the guests: He had purchased Spotify gift cards for everyone present (and an extra few for the kids at home). “That way they can all enjoy the vast catalogue of Spotify as well magical apps such as Soundrop who happen to be one of our customers.”

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