Retiring PayPal

After many years of offering PayPal as a payment method, it’s time for us to retire it. We’ve spent the last year looking for alternative payment methods and settled on WorldPay which allows us to accept all major card types (MasterCard, Visa and AmEx) as well as offer ELV to our German customers.

We will stop sending out invoices with PayPal as payment method on the 01.05.2012 and stop accepting PayPal payments on 01.06.2012. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact our support team.

Tip: Do you want to get only 1 invoice a month for all your services?

No problem! Just contact our team, and we’ll align your services to a single date that’s convenient to you, so that you only have 1 invoice a month to pay.

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Oh, John Donahoe will be disappointed ...


The fact is, things are getting desperate at eBay; overall the marketplace has been effectively dead in the water since John Donahoe started his "destructive renovations" in 2007, and so eBay is now all about "PayPal Payments" - unfortunately, behind the new mask, it's still the same old, clunky, unscrupulous, fraud-enabling, "PreyPal".   


And, just for a laugh then, some serious analyses of PayPal's clunky off-eBay products: "The New Way To Pay In-Store", PayPal Here, SmartPay, PayPal Digital Wallet, PayPal Debit MasterCard, PayPal Local and Watch With eBay ...  


eBay / PayPal / Donahoe: Dead Men Walking