Streaming TWiT’s live Apple iPhone event coverage through our CDN

It’s that time of the year again, Apple announced a new iPhone. And of course the Apple announcement wouldn’t be the same without great live commentary by TWiT.

About 1.5 years ago we shared some numbers of the TWiT Apple “new iPad” event coverage so we wanted to share some numbers from yesterday’s event as well.

The main difference between the coverage yesterday and 1.5 years ago was that instead of running off a single server, it was running off our new streaming CDN. This means that viewers are able to enjoy higher quality streams as the media server is closer to them.

CDN Backend TrafficSo, the numbers: The 20 globally distributed CDN nodes served an average of 2494 concurrent iPads, Roku’s and Smart TVs watching the stream and pushed out a total of 3.6TB with a peak of 4.324 Gbit/s!
That’s 4.3x more than most desktop PCs have on their ethernet port! Nearly 30x more than WiFi N.

We can’t wait to exceed this peak and hit 10 Gbit/s on a single live stream! So be sure to tune in to TWiT and help us hit that 10Gbit/s mark! And in case you missed the live stream, be sure to check it out here.

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Nice surprise for successful Team

TagTagCity really is on the up and up: Recently the Brussels based company celebrated the inclusion of their 500.000th POI. And joined in the celebrations. Because the Belgian StartUp trusted in’s expertise and service from the very beginning, we decided to do something special: Our MD Claus Kraemer and wife Claudia paid TagTagCity a visit and surprised them with a nice Certificate and something drinkable from the Munich Beerfest! Says Florian Jensen, who couldn’t be in Brussels on the day: “We will be proud to support this fantastic team all the way to the million and beyond …”

Left to right: Julie Delande, Project Assistant, Natalia Vicente, Project Manager, Diego Cortez Salas, Community Manager, Claus Kraemer, MD, Maxime Dewelle, CTO TagTagCity

Left to right: Julie Delande, Project Assistant, Natalia Vicente, Project Manager, Diego Cortez Salas, Community Manager, Claus Kraemer, MD, Maxime Dewelle, CTO TagTagCity

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New Card Payment Gateway

Over the last few months we’ve been working on improving our billing infrastructure. As a result of this, we have switched our payment processor from WorldPay to Braintree.

This brings a few advantages to our users.

Remote Credit Card storage

Security is key. Especially when it comes to your credit card details. We used to store your details on our client system, which is PCI-DSS certified, but we’ve decided to take it one step further and store the details with the payment processor directly, so that we only store the last 4 digits of your card on our systems.

3D Secure issue

Some of our EU customers have reported an issue with 3D secure, resulting in their payments getting declined by our fraud check. As a result, they had to go through the WorldPay payment page and enter their details manually every time. This has now been resolved.

Automatic Payments

On vacation? Forgot to renew your server before leaving? No worries! With our new payment gateway we’re able to handle automated payments. This was possible to an extent in the past with selected cards but has now been rolled out to all clients. The system will now charge the card stored in your account 3 days before the due date.

If you don’t want to take advantage of automated payments, just open a ticket via the client area and we’ll disable this on your account.

We hope you’re as excited by these updates as we are. If you have any other questions regarding these updates or anything else, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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A fresh coat of paint

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally arrived… A fresh new look for ReDesign 2013

Now, there’s more to the new website than just a new look. The last few months the team has been busy behind the scenes working on a huge overhaul of our products and the infrastructure supporting it.

Over the next few blog posts we’ll introduce our changes, but for now, check them out for yourself at!

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The light at the end of the tunnel…

Since the beginning of the year 2013, we have been working hard with our partners to conclude 2 projects:

  • upgrading our network in Europe
  • building RBX6, GRA1, BHS2 and SBG2


For 2 years we have seen very substantial growth in bandwidth. At the beginning of the year, the increase in bandwidth each month was too great in relation to the speed of the internal works we were able to carry out. So we decided to change the bandwidth rules in order to give ourselves 4 months to finish the transition to 100G coherent.

These works have been completed on RBX/LDN/AMS/BRU and RBX/PAR/GRA/LDN/RBX. We carried out the last upgrade on PAR/SBG/FRA last week, and so we are going to re-open the floodgates. The capacity of our network is in the process of passing from 2Tbps to 5Tbps and will very quickly evolve up to 10Tbps, while ensuring an incredible cost per Mbps.


As previously announced, all of our DCs are running at 95% capacity since April. We have accelerated construction works for new datacentres in order to meet your requirements, but we knew we had to wait until July/August for them to be ready. We are finally there and we have results: the works on GRA1 and BHS2 will be finalised in 3 weeks and SBG2 will be finished by the end of the year. RBX6 will be operational very soon. So we have space again to keep up with the growth.


We will no longer be bringing out 2 or 3 ranges of servers per year. It takes a considerable amount of synchronisation to achieve this within a specific time frame, and it simply takes too much time between making the decision and the launch. Instead, we will be making small changes here and there, throughout the year. The market is also moving faster and we have to adapt our speed, so there could be changes every week or even everyday…

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Happy Holidays from

Dear friends of,

it’s the the time of year again to reflect on the past twelve months. We at had a very exciting 2012 with many new clients trusting us for their Hosting Requirements. Our new ranges of products went down very well – we certainly don’t simply place products on the market, but listen to you and react to your wishes. You, our clients, always came first and always will come first at Flosoft. biz.

Then there was of course Le Web in London in June and in Paris in December, this unbelievable conference organized by Geraldine and Loic LeMeur – we are so proud to have been a small part of it! Honestly – there is no better conference to meet the right people at the right time in the right place than Le Web. Make sure you don’t miss it in 2013!

And this is the time of year to say thank you to you all. Thanks for your support, for all your ideas which you shared so freely, and thanks for making the most reliable partner when it comes to Hosting the Realtime Web.

We wish you a pleasant break and every success in 2013.

Claus, Florian, and the Team at

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Extremely limited offer – US Eco Server

Hi guys,

as you know, we’ve got our new datacenter Beauharnois in Quebec, CA in which we’re offering Startup, Pro and Ultra servers.

We made a decision to not offer any Eco servers in the beginning located in North America as we’re quite busy working on other commercial solutions.

However, we thought that we’d offer a handful of Eco servers to our eager supporters and their friends.

So, for a few days / hours (all depends on how quickly you guys snatch up these servers), we’re offering a very limited edition of the Eco server.

Dedicated Eco E-Limited
Intel Atom D425 1.8 GHz (512 KB cache) (64bits)
Gigabit Ethernet NIC (100Mbit/s Switchport)
4GB of RAM
2 TB of HDD

Pretty sweet spec! But that’s not all: the price!

We’ve decided to offer it at €20 / month! On top of that, we’ve decided to get rid of the setup fee on longer term contracts!

The result:

Monthly payment: €25 / month + €50 setup
3 months: €20 / month + €25 setup
6 months: €20 / month + €0 setup
12 months: €20 / month + €0 setup

We’re accepting orders from now via the link below! Please note, there is only a very very limited amount of servers available, and these won’t be available in the near future as a full commercial offer. See it as an early christmas present!

Order Link:


Florian Jensen

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North America launch deal

It’s been a long time coming, following our alpha and beta, we’re nearly ready to launch!

As this is quite a big step for us, we decided to something different: We’re offering the Startup Entry server configuration for either €79.00 (20% discount) or €89.00 (10% discount), depending on how many orders get placed by this Sunday, as well as no setup fee (instead of €50).

So, if less than 10 orders get placed until Sunday, the lifetime price will be €89.00. If more than 10 get placed, we’ll discount a further 10% off the lifetime price (resulting in a price of €79.00) of the server (and we’ll credit early takers the price difference as well).

The Startup Entry 2012 version is based on Intel’s Sandy Bridge platform, boasting a Core i3-2130 and it’s 2 hyperthreaded cores clocked at 3.4GHz and 16GB of DDR3 memory. We’ve also got a massive 2x1TB of storage onboard the server.

The server is great for an initial production environment. If you’re looking to host a heavy website, or a lot of small ones, a gameserver or CPU intensive applications, this server is a great start, and a great way to get to know our North American datacenter.

So, go out and tell all your friends, and bag yourself a 20% lifetime discount!

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Talking IT at the Barbeque

Claus Kraemer, Christian Loch, Florian Jensen, Sabine Spaeth, Albert Kamm, Rafael Erkert and Harald Gmelin attended the Business-Barbeque of Photo: Karen Huettig

Aichwald’s Deputy Mayor, Albert Kamm, was pleased: “There is always something new at!“, said the CEO of Team Kamm Data, a software specialist for car repair companies. Albert is also a very successful and well-known politician. “It’s nice to talk about whatever you like with business partners and colleagues – and there is nobody checking their watches”, he said.

Florian Jensen and Claus Kraemer, founders of could welcome a choice group of guests at their HQ in Aichwald/Germany. IT-Manager Christian Loch and his colleague Cedric Weber work for the Eberspaecher group, a major player in the automotive world with offices and factories around the globe.

Harald Gmelin and Rafael Erkert attended on behalf of Activation GmbH, a fast growing IT service provider working for clients all over Southern Germany. Sabine Spaeth, Key Account Manager with Esslingen’s renowned Insurance House Karl Beck noted: “Information Technology is becoming more and more important. And of course it’s highly interesting and beneficial to talk to these guys who really know their business.”

Florian Jensen had flown in from London on Saturday morning, and he was the one to bring an extra smile to the faces of the guests: He had purchased Spotify gift cards for everyone present (and an extra few for the kids at home). “That way they can all enjoy the vast catalogue of Spotify as well magical apps such as Soundrop who happen to be one of our customers.”

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Behind the scenes of Soundrop’s House Party

It’s been another very interesting week here at Last Friday, Soundrop hosted the first ever global Spotify House Party. Alesso and Sebastian Ingrosso (Swedish House Mafia) were there to spin the tunes and we made sure everyone was able to join the party.

Soundrop came to us a few months ago with the challenge of having to accommodate more and more users and thus requiring more bandwidth as well as low latency connectivity to their users.

Scaling an application is always challenge; it requires planning and making sure contingencies are prepared for. Many startups choose the Cloud (VPS) method, but that’s often a very expensive alternative and only delays the problem by a few months. At some point you won’t be able to afford the Cloud infrastructure and / or you’ll reach the point where adding more small Cloud instances won’t solve your problem anymore. This is why thinking about a scalable and affordable architecture from the beginning is key.

In the case of Soundrop we’ve set up a handful of Pro SSD dedicated servers, subsequently allowing them to make use of our lossless network and a good amount of memory and CPU power.

This allowed them to handle 14000 concurrent users connected to their service generating close to 160 Mbit/s of traffic on a single application server while Alesso and Sebastian Ingrosso were rocking away.

It’s great to see people challenging our infrastructure every day and pushing our services to the edge. We’re looking forward to the next challenge heading our way and finding new ways of solving it.

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